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Private Residence

Southern orientation peninsula stretches into the Aegean sea. A house with a floating, over the sea, vibe. Secluded area, private with no road connection, accessed by sea or air.

"Fly to" Achlada Peninsula

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Ios Island

Achlada (pear) peninsula is located at the southern tip of the island of Ios in the center of the south Aegean Sea. Ios is part of the Cyclades island complex and is surrounded by the islands of Antiparos, Paros, Naxos, Koufonisia, Amorgos, Santorini (Thira), and Sikinos.

The population of about 2,000 people is mainly involved in agriculture, stock raising, fishing and tourism. In recent years, Ios has evolved into one of the cosmopolitan resorts of the Aegean falling just behind the likes of Paros and Mykonos islands. Since about 2007, more than 15% of the island has changed ownership.

There has been a surge of affluent Greek and international buyers foreseeing and investing in its prospects. Purchases have been concluded by several Greek ship-owners and industrialists as well as an ex-stockbroker who is now a major player on the island with several tourism related operations ranging from beach bars to a 5-star hotel (Calilo).

Ios has developed into a summer hot spot destination for both the young and the affluent. The young, 16-25 years old, are attracted to the island for partying, and the affluent enjoy the privacy of exclusive resorts and mega private houses.

It is a mountainous and dry island, with crystalline rocks and 64 beaches. It covers an area of 108 km² and the length of its coastline is 80 km.

The most important coves are the port Yalos (1), the busy Milopotas bay (2), the quiet Magganari bay (3) and Papas bay (4) where the exclusive Calilo resort was recently built. The latter are considered two of the best beaches in the Aegean sea.

Chora, the capital, is built amphitheatrically on a hill’s slope. On top of the hill lie the remnants of the Castle which served as a refuge during pirate raids and the church of Saint Nikolaos.

Chora is a vibrant place offering all sorts of entertainment from tavern food to fine restaurants, numerous bars and night clubs as well as an open-air theater where cultural events are held during the summer months.

The island is well connected to Piraeus, the main port of Athens, with regular speed boat services covering the distance in three and a half hours. Santorini International airport (Monolithos bay) is 15 nautical miles from Magganari bay, a 20 min ride on a speed boat. Ios is well connected to the other islands of the Cyclades as well as Crete.

Further, with the natural cove of the main port Yalos, Ios is opting to become the main Cycladic hub for sea planes. Yalos received a sea plane landing strip license in 2021. Test flights from Lavrio port cover the distance to Ios in about 30 minutes. Note that Lavrio port is a 20 min car ride from Athens International airport and is located at the southeastern side of Attica.

The island offers a well-equipped medical center that belongs to the National public health grid. A private medical center is located in Chora.

The Property

The property is located at the southern tip of the island. In fact, Achlada Peninsula comprises the southern peninsula of Ios directly across Santorini (Thira). A boat ride from Magganari beach takes just a few minutes. Magganari is 25 km from the main port Yalos, a 45-minute car ride on an asphalt road. Direct connection to Santorini International airport is possible with a 20-30 min speedboat ride to either Monolithos bay (15 NM) located next to Santorini airport, or Athinios Port (16 NM), the main port of Santorini Island. A helicopter ride takes less than 10 min to Santorini International airport and about 40 min to cover the 100 NM distance to Athens International airport.

Achlada Peninsula has an area of 310,502 m2 of which 48,250 m2 is defined as coastal zone. The coastline has a length of 2,069 meters covering the east, the south and the west. This gives unobstructed views of the Aegean Sea with the islands of Santorini (Thira) to the south, Astypalea to the east and Sikinos and Folegandros to the west. On a clear day the island of Grete is visible in the far south.

Calm sea can always be found on either the east or the west side.

Across the northeastern boarder lies the now private residence of a Greek shipping magnate. Before, it used to be a 42-room secluded hotel built in a traditional Cycladic architecture, as shown in the picture.

In the past the hotel went through its glory days hosting several notable personalities including an ex Greek Prime Minister who for several years chose it as his main summer holiday destination.


Just off the northeastern border there is a small beach and next to it a port pier constructed at the time to service the hotel.

Aerial photo of the 2014 transformation from a hotel to a private residence. The beach of Antonaros can be seen on the left side of the complex.

This is a secluded place with no road access. It is addressed only to people who are seeking for the utmost privacy in enjoying the tranquility of the Aegean Sea. Access to the property is possible by foot, yacht, or helicopter.

On the south-east side of the property there is a small natural beach formation.

Turquoise waters on the east and south sides.

Magganari bay is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the Cyclades. It has been quietly attracting private yacht stops with influential guests. High profile examples include guests of the Latsis family -leaders in shipping, real estate, banking, and petroleum refineries- like the late U.S. President George H.W. Bush and King Charles who have repeatedly visited the bay. 

South plateau with a view of Santorini (Thira).

View of the south plateau from the sea.

The east coastline viewed from the south. The neighboring house complex (ex-hotel), located on the northeast border is just about visible. Magganari beach can be seen at the far back.

Magganari beach, a 2 min boat ride from the peninsula, is a sandy beach with turquoise waters.

View of the west coastline of the property. Sunset behind the island of Sikinos shown in the far back. 

West side view.

East side view.